Spring has Sprung!

My but the year has flown right out from winter gray and into spring green! Lawns are decorated with robins, spring bulbs pushing through, and amazing blue skies on the days when the sun is strong. Time to plant the peas! 

We hope all of you had a lovely holiday season and past few months. We have all sorts of news and will shake off the winter doldrums to bring it to you in bits and pieces. 

Our most recent project is a poster for Caffè Lena in Saratoga Springs — http://www.caffelena.org/. Now in its 56th year, the Caffè is the oldest continuously operating coffeehouse in the United States and in the Western Hemisphere. Lena Spencer created a mecca for folk music and musicians from all over have performed there, gotten their start, and gone on to great things. The Caffè in the midst of a capital campaign to strengthen its old building, modernize facilities, and make it handicapped accessible so more music can be heard there for decades to come.

We are honored that we were selected to create a poster for Caffè Lena and we’re really pleased with the results. If you’ve never heard a performance at the Caffè, you should go — it’s a wonderful place and the music is really fine. And buy a poster to support the campaign effort. Oh, yes, and the room looks just like that — anticipation!

Watch for our next blog update, when we’ll fill you in on a polo poster we’re doing, this year’s Travers poster, signings and sightings, and an upcoming exhibit of my giclée prints at the National Sporting Library & Museum in Middleburg, Virginia. 

Hope to see you soon! Keep in touch! All the best from here …

posted 4/13/2016 11:49:00 PM

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