Sliding into the holiday season

We’ve packed up the flower boxes and the summer porch, and moved inside to the sun room to watch the birds at our feeders. It’s always bitter-sweet to see the summertime fade away, but we have great memories of the season.

Not too long ago in late November, the thermometer spiked to the low 70s, and we were reminded of helping a dear friend put his sailboat away for the winter. There were brief snow flurries at the end of October. For those of you far from the northeast, this view of “The Narrows" of Lake George may bring memories of the summer.

The exhibit at the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame is open until the end of the year. If you haven’t seen it, please do stop by. All of our vendors in the Saratoga Springs area continue to carry my work, and for that I am grateful.

Our thanks to you for staying with us as we prepare our new website and neglect this one, but we think you’ll like the new approach. In the meantime, please keep us in mind if you need posters, original artwork, pins, cards, or a book to fill out your holiday gifts this season. And please continue to keep in touch.

All the best!

posted 12/03/2015 03:43:00 PM

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