2013 Travers Poster is Here!

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The 2013 poster artwork, “Dead Heat,” shows the historic dead heat finish from last year's Travers Stakes race between Alpha and Golden Ticket. For only the second time in almost 150 years, two horses finished first!

I had to make this event the subject of this year's poster; however, the two front-runners weren't shoulder to shoulder at the finish. They were about six feet (two meters) apart, so I had to find a way to get both racers into the same vertical frame of the tall, thin poster. I think the low-angle image showing not only the horses and jockeys, but also the distinctive spires of Saratoga's iconic roofline, solves the problem well.

I am particularly pleased and honored to depict the amazing jockeys in this cliff-hanger. David Cohen, riding Golden Ticket, was excellent; but Ramon Dominguez, riding the favorite, Alpha was riveting. I will miss this remarkable gentleman and superb athlete where we see him most - in the Winner's Circle. Thank you, Ramon, and Godspeed.

This is the 28th poster in the longest-running series of its kind. The 2013 Travers poster, and the Saratoga version, are available at selected stores and galleries in Saratoga Springs, or on this web site.

Please watch this space for schedules of poster and book signings in and around Saratoga. See you at the track!

posted 6/24/2013 11:39:00 AM

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